Wow! A ton of stuff went down in blog land while I was off in my own little land, it's hard catching back up on the stuff you've missed.

I noticed when I logged on today that I have miraculously in the past few weeks jumped from 9 followers (from when I really started blogging regularly this past month) to a whopping 27 followers! 27!!! Thanks to everyone who has decided to follow me it is really encouraging and well down right flattering to have people click that button.

I have created for myself a little reward type goal. I really really REALLY need to get my hair done. So I've decided that once I reach 170 pounds I'm going to book my appointment. I don't get my hair as often as I should, you know touching up the roots every two months or so and getting a trim, cause lets face it I can't really afford it. It is minimum $110 every time I get it cut/highlighted and I have a hard time coughing up that much money for my hair more than 3 times a year. I'm currently sitting at 175 pounds YIPEE! So in that time it takes me to loose the 5 pounds I have to figure out what to do with my hair. With the newer "symptom" of hair loss I'm experiencing I'm kind of lost on how to get it cut since my overall volume of hair has decreased so much. Maybe I'll just let my stylist figure that bit out.

Speaking of hair loss, I know that this is directly influenced by my protein intake. I've been working really hard on making sure I get my protein in but I've been reading about some alternative products/sources of protein out there and wondering if anyone has tried them. I'm really interested in the protein bullets that have 45 g of protein in a approximately 3 ounces of fluid as well as IsoPure with 40 g of protein in a 20 ounce serving. If you've tried these let me know what you think please!

I'll leave you with a picture from my Girl's Night In this past Friday. At another day I will have to do a post sharing all of the hilarity that was that night.

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  1. Sandy Lee Says:

    Let your hair dresser decide on the cut. I did that last week and she cut it a bit shorter so it fluffed up a bit instead of being pulled down. Although everyone recommended Biotin and Omega 3 & 6, another blogger said it didn't work for her. I'm just starting to take them. I thought it was the high protein that caused the hairloss but I think it is more the chemical changes in our bodies. Wish someone would come up with the answer (and solution!)

  2. Amy W. Says:

    Yeah for more followers! I am just like you. My cut and color run me, with tip, about $90 so I only go like...3-4 times a year! I am going on Thursday though and I am desperate for a root touch up!

    you should take pictures when you go for your hair appt!!

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