So my boss was scheduled to arrive back in Canada (from Prague) over the weekend and therefore would be in the lab on Monday. What does this mean? Panick! OMG It's been two weeks already?? Quick review your lab book so you can tell him all of the work you've done while he was away. Uh oh. There's nothing written in my lab book since the 1st of the month. Why? Because suppliers are stupid and I was waiting for something before I could do any work. So I'm trying to rationalize it in my head:
"Well, I couldn't do that because the stuff was back-ordered. I made tons of solutions, did some inventory/organizing, isolated cells from pig hearts for R and S, took care of D1's cells and and and..."
But there's no real results to show for that. Luckily this only lasted until about 11am when the admin assistant came and told me that he couldn't leave Prague until Tuesday now because of the volcano ash halting flights across Europe. Volcano? Yeah I totally need to get a TV set up so that I can watch the news, either that or I take some of my daily blogging time to read the paper... not likely but it's an idea. So I'm a little relieved that his return is delayed. My back-ordered product came in and on Monday I will be able to do the assay and send the samples for sequencing. Unfortunately I have to go into work for a bit tomorrow to do some more cell stuff. Crapola for a saturday :(

Yeah, I don't know what my band and I are fighting over. Even though I tossed my salmon for dinner last night I was able to eat sushi for lunch?? Maybe it's cause I had miso soup first? Did the heat relax things and allow the sushi to go down no problem or something? Either way, I had miso soup, 1/3 phildelphia roll and the insides only of an AAC roll. I had picked up some Mangosteen the other day for us to try at work so we had that in the afternoon for a snack. It was surprisingly delish given its appearance.

How much do I love Gen for says that I'm "skinny" and "shrinking". More than words can describe! It's supposed to be warm here this weekend but I'll be working a bit and then trying to get my house in order as much as possible for next Friday. At least so it doesn't look like a natural disaster went through it, at least! Hopefully I'll get to enjoy the weather a bit too. I hope everyone has a fab weekend!

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  1. Anonymous Says:

    Our bands are tempremental little things sometimes! I just found your blog, I luv finding new peeps!

  2. Angie Says:

    Just like melissa said, such fickle bands! I was talking to my ex about my current sushi obsession, and he was like umm 2 months ago you couldn't touch sushi... idk!

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