Ok so I know at least one person wasn't able to see my vlog so here's a quick re-cap and update.
Un-fill: I wasn't able to wait until my scheduled appointment since I was having trouble even with fluids. My surgeons are really great so I just gave the clinic a call and they asked me to meet them at the hospital they practice out of which just so happens to be where I work. I ended up getting 5cc of the 6.5 I had taken out (a little drastic I thought) but felt relieved immediately. I have an appointment this coming Tuesday evening for a fill and thank goodness! While I needed to get some fill out I've been eating as if I didn't have a band and add that to getting my period for the first time in 3 months things haven't exactly been pretty.
Online Dating: I think I've put myself on like 3 or 4 online dating sites now. I'm not really sure what to expect or how it all works. I'm just going to take it as it comes and go with the flow. I do have to admit that one of them (plenty of fish) that had been recommended to me by a friend is so far kind of disappointing. Lots of response from it, just not the kind I want. I don't know if I have a big stamp on my forehead or something that I can't see that says "Proposition Me for Anonymous Sex." I judge no one and if that's your thing by all means go right ahead. And honestly I might be a little jealous of your freedom being a virgin and all but this is not how I want to start out.
Clothes: This has quickly become an addiction! I'd forgotten what it's like to shop in a mall, in Winnipeg the "big girl" clothes are separated from the mall experience in box stores and I've felt left out for a while. Last week I picked up a couple pairs of shorts (haven't bought and actually worn shorts happily in about 8 or 9 years I'd say), couple tanks, pair of khaki's, some gorgeous heels (I'll put pictures up later) and some pretty undies! I was so excited to go into La Senza (Canadian version of Victoria Secret) and buy panties it's not even funny. I always wanted pretty sexy undies but I was never able to fit into them. From the stuff I picked up most of it was a size large for the tops/bottoms or a size 12 bottom. I think I'm pretty much exactly what I weighed at the end of high school now. It's kind of crazy. I had also bought a dress for a wedding this summer but I'm returning it. They only had a 10 so I bought it and thought I'd try it with my tummy tuck in a box (TTIB or Spanx) but I'm just not comfortable with it. I'm kind of considering maybe keeping it though cause it will fit eventually but I could use that 80$ for something else. Oh I don't know!
Busy week at work last week. I can't even begin to describe how ridiculous it was. I did take advantage of that excuse to party it up this weekend though. We went to one of the girls places after work on Friday for drinks. It was such a blast! Someone remembered a camera thankfully so here's some pics (and I might add that I actually LIKE the way I look in them, thats a big step for me!)


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I know I haven't been around much lately. I wish I could say it's because I've been so busy living but it's not that. I've more or less just been really really lazy.
My parents put their house up for sale a month ago approximately and moved in with me... It still hasn't sold and I'm going a little stir crazy. It's funny how I've gotten used to living on my own so quickly and how it drives me nuts to have them around all the time! I guess that's also part of the reason I haven't posted as that I feel like I need my space and privacy to be able to post. With my Mom always hanging around and looking over my shoulder I just couldn't write anything. I love her to bits but there are things I don't need or want to share with her. On top of my parents living with me they also brought their dog and the two cats. It was manageable until last week when my brother shipped his dog out here for the season. I went from having my house to myself to it being 3 people, 3 dogs and 2 cats. I felt like putting a sign out to advertise the new petting zoo in the neighbourhood!
Some of you suggested a while back after my mini-meltdown that I get out of my comfort zone. I've been working on it! If you lived in Winnipeg and were browsing the singles websites out there you would find me on three of them now... I've been sending out e-mails and messages galore but nothing has come from any of them yet.
Part of what led to my meltdown looking at things retrospectively now was the never ending flirtation I had/have going on with a certain co-worker known in the lab as "Hot Todd the Maintenance Guy" I guess I was confused as to what was going on there since I really do like him quite a bit and get the school girl like butterflies every time I see and talk to him (or for that matter even think about him). And there has definitely been some obvious flirting going on on both of our parts. I asked a couple girlfriends at work if maybe I was imagining this since I'm not exactly experienced and they set my mind at ease in a sense that I wasn't imagining him flirting back! Then I sent one of them on a mission to find out if he was single or not. Yup definitely single. At which point I just got upset, really upset cause I realized that this flirting game that was going on was as far is it was going to go. He's not really interested or looking for anything and that would be why he wasn't making any sort of a move, that's what I think at least!
Band related. I'm weighing in a 165.5 pounds today. I've had a rough couple weeks food wise. Can't seem to keep much solid foods down and definitely have not been getting enough calories into to lose weight. I have an appointment Tuesday morning and I'm going to ask for an un-fill. I can't tolerate this anymore. Yes I want smaller portions but I also need to be able to eat! I feel like I'm just starving myself right now. I'm exhausted and cranky.
The part that confuses me is that I thought/assumed that as you lost weight you would need more fill. Less fat pushing on the band to create restriction so you would need more saline... no?? Whatever the case may be I need some saline out and to eat some food.
We're going out for lunch tomorrow at work... not sure what I'm going to have since I PB'd pretty bad yesterday and have put myself on liquids. We're going to a dim sum restaurant so maybe I'll get some consomme or something. One of the students families owns the place so I guess I can always order something not on the menu if need be.
Had the day off for Canada Day today. Happy Birthday Canada! Just watched some True Blood and made some coconut macaroons to take to work. I've been depressed and I clean and bake when I'm depressed. Yesterday I vacuumed and washed the windows so I had to move onto baking today. They smelled delish too bad I cant eat em!
Independence Day is coming up for all of my friends south of the border. This also happens to be my youngest nephew's 13th birthday. Yowza those kids are growing fast! They're both officially teenagers now. His brother will be 15 in august. They are both taller than me and it kind of freaks me out. I better get used to it though.