I know I know. It's been like, forever right. Sorry!
I'm not going to make any more promises regarding regular updates though. I've decided that it might be a little unrealistic for my life right now.
So what's new. I've finally lost some weight! Yay! It only took 9 months but I seem to have settled in at my "sweet spot" and I'm thoroughly enjoying its benefits.
I was at the good Doc's on Dec 29 for a check-up/fill and the finally decision that appointment was "You don't need a fill, I think we've finally got it right!"
So In the 5 weeks from my fill at the end of November I lost... drum roll please... 5 pounds!
I can't explain how happy and how relieved I felt. I'm sure some of you understand entirely though. I had been weighing myself occasionally at home and felt that I was for sure out of the 200's and into one-derland but the scale at the good Doc's is consistently 3 pounds higher than my own so I really had to wait and see. Despite myself being unsure I really have made it to one-derland and here's to staying there!
On the food front I'm trying really hard to make sure I get my protein in. I'm finally learning how important it is to eat slow and chew chew chew. I seem to have just about every intolerance for foods in the book except for rice so far. I can't handle breads and pastas, pork and no matter how I seem to prepare it chicken is a no go. I can tolerate ground beef but no actual cuts of meat, which isn't a huge deal since I never ate steak anyways. I'm learning that fish and seafood seem to be my best bets as well as eggs. I tend to lean towards crust less quiches lately with a ton of veggies thrown in.
As for non-band related life. Things are going great! I bought a house at the beginning of November and get possession Feb 5. I'm really excited. The place needs a bit of work so for the first few weeks I'll be removing carpets, painting and either getting hardwoods refinished or having some sort of carpeting or flooring installed. My family has also adopted a new fur-baby into the house. Really she's for my dad who was upset about me leaving home with my dog long before it even happens. So he got the cutest little golden retriever cross we named Autumn for his 59th birthday. I know we're a totally cheesy family the dogs are named Summer and Autumn and yes maybe one day there will also be a Winter and Spring. Except I think that Hiver would sound better than Winter (francais) and Prima instead of spring, short for primavera (Italiano).
So I leave you today folks with a picture of my soon to be house and the new puppy!

My very own 1220 sq ft!

Dad and his new "baby" Autumn