to update regularly that is. I feel a little more... I don't know optimistic lately though and I think I might actually make a go of this whole blogging deal. It's hard to do something regularly like sharing your progress when you haven't made any :(
Which is what brings me to the good part. My band is finally working for me! For a while I was really regretting my decision and upset that I seemed to be that one in million that the band just doesn't work for. That is no longer the case. When I last updated I was so excited because I finally found my sweet spot, gained restriction and lost five pounds. I had also entered one-derland and was excited to stay there and keep moving towards my goal.
I figured that if I was going to update I had better have a number for you. So a quick jump on the scale tells me that I am currently sitting at 177.5 pounds. Which is a grand total weight loss of 32.5 pounds so far. So in the past three months not only have I been able to maintain my one-derland status I've lost a remarkable 20 pounds, or 1.6 pounds per week. Right on target if you ask me!
My food intolerance's still continue and I find myself unable to eat cuts of meat (ground is ok), pasta, bread/crackers/cakes and the like, potatoes prepared in any way, and... I'm sure there's other things but I'm drawing a blank. I remember reading some of the blogs when I first got the band/considering and not understanding how one day you'd be fine with foods and the next nothing will go through, but now I get it. Whatever is going on in there it's got a temper that may or may not be very similar to my own :)
Just this past week (on April 1st) to be exact I met a friend for lunch at a deli close to work. I knew that I couldn't tolerate past but for whatever reason the pasta salad looked delish so I had to get some to just try. I also got my fall-back never fail cup of soup just in case. I knew that I could have a piece see how it felt and if it was a no go my friend could eat, she also happens to be 7 months preg-o so I couldn't imagine her saying no to food. Anyways, back to my story not only did that first piece of pasta go down just fine the entire plate and the cup of soup made their way through my band without any hesitation. Now I have not been able to tolerate pasta since I first got the band and really why I even dared to test out the theory is beyond me but what I'd really like to know is why did that plate of pasta salad go down when as I type this I just PB'd less than a tablespoon of rice? I just don't get it and maybe I never will but my band is being a bitch today.
I'll leave you all with that and I promise to update soon cause have I ever got some stories about my new house and all of the adventures that seem to come with home ownership.
~ Les
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  1. Amy W. Says:

    I am so glad that your band started working! It does make such a difference with fills!

    I hope to join you very soon in the land of 170's! Is the view pretty from there?

  2. Leslee Says:

    It makes a huge difference having fills and being at the right spot! It's amazing, one thing to read about a whole other to experience! You'll be in the land of 170's before you know it and the view is unbelievable, worth every penny.

  3. Angie Says:

    Welcome back love, I've wondered how you were! Keep up the good work and don't let the fickle band get ya down!
    I'm in the 170s too! wehoo! Partay!

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