So I didn't have a chance to post much last week, or this week for that matter. There's a few things from last week that I just wanted to get out there and talk over/think through.

For starters I had my friend A from college over for dinner Wednesday of last week. It was kind of a "I haven't seen you in a couple months, we need to catch up and I want to show you my new place kind of deal." I'm still trying to figure out what exactly went down that night, it was so strange.
The plan was that I'd give her a call when I got home since she had some errands to run blah blah blah and then she'd come over. Guess the errands took care of themselves and I got a call while I was on the bus on my way home
"I'm at your place, I'll just wait in my car for you to get home." Ok....
So when I got home I went to go open the door and even though she looked right at me and waved she didn't get out of her car. Maybe she was texting/talking with someone and I'm looking too much into this. So I went over to her car and she got and and just gave me this bizarre "Hey"
We went inside and without a word of a lie that first thing out of her mouth was
"I'm not too sure about your neighborhood, it's kind of sketch." Well, gee, thanks for your support!
I gave her the grand tour and the only thing she had to say about the whole house was
"They're kind of crooked." In regards to the stripes I so proudly pointed out that I painted myself in my office/craft space
At this point I'm just really hurt that the few words she's said to me are so criticizing and rude. We made dinner and put a movie on. The conversation really just focused on her boyfriend and her job. That's just fine don't ask me about my life, it's pretty non-eventful, I've got nothing to share. I know we've been out of touch for a year and just started to hang out again but you may or may not have noticed I've lost about 40 pounds and oh yeah kind of had a surgery to help with it!!! It wasn't until later on that I got cold and went to put on an old sweater that I got the
"OMG have you lost weight?? I was with you when you bought that it's huge on you!" Yeah, thanks for noticing b****
The whole time we "watched" the movie I tried talking with her but she was somewhere else, namely in a conversation via text, with someone else and clearly not interested in talking with me. So really why did she even come. Make up some lame excuse and cancel or bail out early it would've been better than spending the evening lonely with someone.
Some where along the way she then felt the need to share that she hated my dog. Uber b**** that's my baby you're talking about! It wasn't until right before she left she asked how I've lost so much weight. So I told her flat out. I had a surgery, so I've got a band around my stomach making my portions smaller, y'all know the deal. Her reaction? NOTHING! Well I guess not nothing:
"Oh ok, well I'll talk with you again soon." WTF??????
Right now I'm trying to figure out what to do. Cut her loose for good or try and talk it out. We were close for a while but I don't know if it was just a phase for me, trying to fit in with certain people/needing a friend. I just don't know. She's a couple years younger than me but I million away maturity wise. Maybe we were just friends out of circumstance while we were in school and that's all it was meant to be. I wish friendship came with a manual sometimes.

Drama part aside, last week was my first "partay" at my place. Call it Girls Gone Wild or just Girl's Night In. Whatever you want to call it it was a blast. It was a pot luck of sorts with munchies like olives, marinated feta, roasted garlic, veggies and loads of other yummy goodies. And.... alcohol. I made mojitoes and electric popsicles. While some may have gotten out of control I had max 4 drinks since I was feeling it after the first. Thank you tiny tummy for making me a light weight! We talked, we danced, we sang. And some of us got carried away.
Of those who did some made it to their own home before tossing their biscuits while others choose to loose it in my home. If only you could see the clearly unimpressed look on my face now, perhaps this warranted a vlog oh well! Now I should put it out there that my house is nearly 100 years old and while the plumbing works and is not capable of handling certain things.
So if you were to come over and PB into the toilet all would be well in a few flushes. The sink however, just don't tempt fate. If you haven't guessed by now said guest who I will henceforth call H did not make it to the toilet but only the sink. Instead of asking for help thought she would just rinse it down and no one would be the wiser. OMG!!! This resulted in an overflowing sink containing someone elses grossness. Once we realized that H wasn't around someone went to check on her and discovered the dilema. V knows that while I can handle my own mess and dissecting a rat don't ask me to clean up after someone else or there will be two messes to deal with so she took care of it.
The chaos and what is kind of humorous looking back now that unfolded might as well have come from a movie it was so disgusting. V up to her elbow's in H's mess trying to scoop it into the adjacent bathtub. H on the phone with her husband asking him to bring a plunger (haven't made it to that part of my shopping list yet), R and D1 having to pee so bad but afraid to use the washroom so they're peeing in my backyard. R getting caught in backyard peeing 2nd time by neighbor returning home from work at 4 am. Me waking up the next/same day at 3 in the afternoon and realizing that despite the amazing job V and H's husband did cleaning up the bathroom they didn't realize there's a 1.5 inch gap between the vanity and tub. During this whole debacle said mess spilled into this gap and waited for me until a got up only to start dry heaving and nearly starting the cleaning process all over again. Can you keep up with this??
So the expense of Girl's Night In? 1 bottles of rum, one bottle of gin, 4 bottles of wine, lots of laundry, a new shower curtain liner, tons of cleaning products and two rolls of paper towel. Oh and all the excitement not only wore me out but also the dog who slept through until 5 pm on Saturday, didn't even get up for food.

When's the next party? When H gets herself knocked up and therefore can't drink and is also past the whole ill feeling of pregnancy. Here's a question for you guys too. I felt really guilty about not helping to clean cause I was afraid of adding to the mess. What proper hostess/host etiquette here people? I gave V a Starbucks gift card but I still feel terrible. Anyways, tomorrow is Friday! Have a fantabulous day I know I will!
5 Responses
  1. Drazil Says:

    That person sounds like a frenemy...and sounds toxic.....but it's up to you....very bizarre indeed.

  2. Gen Says:

    I agree, FRENEMY! Proceed with caution. That is so hurtful what she said about your home...and all the rest.

    The party sounds rockin! Its not really a party until someone throws up, right?

  3. Girl Bandit Says:

    Yep frenemy...not that concerned about you...and no why should you clean up...grosssssssss

  4. Sandy Lee Says:

    Sorry about the night with your friend. I hate the "text with someone else while I'm trying to talk to you" people-my sister is one. It's ok to drop friends who don't get you. And your Girls Night In sounded much better although the blocked pipes sucked. Next time get some of those barf bags like they have on airplanes. I would have made them clean up their own mess. Why should you suffer. Egads-don't have too many of those parties!

  5. Angie Says:

    I'm so sorry about that "friend" treating you so poorly, you really deserve so much more. Your party sounds awesome, as a regular party hostess my advice is we're all big girls and know puke goes in toilet. I think it was nice of you to hook up the friend who helped though!

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