Yeah... So I totally did jinx myself yesterday by being all happy that my band and I were the best-est of friends. I was doing fine up until about a half hour ago when I had the unfortunate pleasure of getting to taste my Salmon for the second time around. It was fantastic the first not so much after. I started out the day really well with an awesome smoothie I made with some pineapple, blackberries, coconut extract, milk and 18 g worth of protein via Beneprotein powder. I couldn't get it all down before leaving for work so I poured it into a travel mug and took it to go. For lunch I yet again had my spinach/red pepper/feta quiche (almost gone!) and some mango and pineapple. Why the salmon wasn't agreeing with me I have no clue. Too bad cause it's really good, i marinated it in this baja citrus marinade and then stuck it in the oven to broil (it's too freakin' cold out to grill and I don't have a BBQ yet anyways).

I feel as though I should maybe clarify something about my post from yesterday, after I went back and read it myself again I realized that I may have sounded a little... rude and ungrateful. I'm amazed that I even got 1 follower. I boggles my mind that anyone would find what I have to say interesting enough or compelling enough to read. It's crazy! So I'm sorry if I may have given anyone the impression of "Well she's a little snobby with her comment about her 13 followers." I think its fantastic and I'm so lucky that be able to share my life with you in some way.

Here's a question/scenario for you all. I'm having the girls from work over next weekend for a "Girl's Night In," it's something we try to do once a month to just let loose and have fun. Now somehow one our strange male co-workers (J) got wind of this and has been constantly asking "When's your party again?"
So the other day D2 just out right said to him "Why do you keep asking about it do you want to come or something?"
J responded "I wouldn't mind coming."
Uhmm... it's a GIRLS night in. Neither one of us knew how to respond so we just kind of ignored his response. But again today
"When's your party again?" Seriously! I just blew it off again but I'm not sure how to say NO you can't come you're not invited. What do I say to him? He honestly has always kind of freaked me out and I really don't want him to know where I live, it's no secret in the lab that he has developed some rather intense crushes on some of our co-workers. I was thinking that the next time he brings it up I'll just say to him in a rather kind/humorous way "J it's a girls night in, girls only! You can't come." I feel bad because inevitably the husbands/boyfriends/guy friends end up showing up at some point in the evening, if for no other reason to pry to liquor bottles from our hands, so it isn't technically girls only. Just... creep free. Any suggestions?
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  1. Gen Says:

    Now you have 15 followers!!!! Any time you want more followers, all you have to do is leave comments on everyone else's blogs and you will suddenly have tons of followers!

    So you are skinny Girl! I need to catch up on your blog, but sounds like you are doing well.

    As for the work creep. Just keep saying GIRLS ONLY! That is so weird.

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