I just finished reading some of the updates on everyone's blogs and Amy W. had an interesting topic that inspired my post for today. She talked about how she works with the people who actually did her surgery and such.
So while I don't directly work with my surgeon's as the actuall operation is done at a private clinic in the city, both of them happen to conduct their clinical practices at the hospital attached to the research centre I work in. I'm not sure if that makes any sense, the "hospital attached to the research centre". Let me clarify. I work as a lab tech in a research centre. This centre is part of the hospital's foundation but in a separate building and really while it is technically part of the hospital its only in name, it close enough to be connected by tunnels so it's kind of like a campus type deal. Anyways, I remember one incident last summer in particular where I ran into one of my surgeons and boy did it feel awkward. The foundation puts on a big BBQ every summer for the employee's and I met a friend of mine their to pick up our free lunch, she was saving a spot in line for us. And who did she happen to be standing in front of, none other than the cute doctor that did my surgery. It was this whole "Oh Hi Dr. Andrew, nice to see you! Yes you've seen me in all of my naked exposed fat glory... Oh and yes I'm getting in line in front of you to pick up my free hot dog, baked beans, chips, soda and ice cream. Have a fantastic day!" So those weren't the words that actually came out obviously but it sure was what I was thinking. This also happened to be back in June when I had little to no restriction and kind of wanted to ask for a refund because yes I could eat all of that and no I wasn't losing any weight.

The other interesting part for me at work was whether or not I would tell people or not. I just happen to be lucky and work in a lab that researches nutrition mostly. Yup nutrition. I was/am totally the black sheep in the crew. Everyone else are masters or PhD students looking to continue in nutrition who have never struggled with weight and always know exactly what to eat but really don't need to worry about it. Several of them also happen to be registered dietitians. So how do you approach the topic with people when you don't know their opinion's on weight loss surgery? You just say "Screw It! This is my life and I'm gonna do what I think is right for me." Or if my grandmother were still around she would say "If anyone says anything just spit in their eye." So I did tell people, and the reaction was good. Mostly curious, how does it work yadda yadda. A few were actually even kind enough to say "I really don't think you need to do this." I still get lots of questions but I'm not afraid to tell people about it. I've since also gone out for lunch with some friends I hadn't seen in over a year and really wasn't sure whether I would tell them or not. I debated it over in my head and at the last second while we're eating lunch this whole "I have a confession" type explanation to my portion came out.
I do understand why a lot of you decide to keep this private but at the same time you will learn a lot about people and their general acceptance of others by being open about it with them. Cause in reality if they are a good friend they should support you regardless of your decision. They should be proud that you are taking control of your life.

On a completely aside note, a co-worker of mine went to San Francisco for a conference for a week. Some how out of my mouth slipped an agreement to take care of his dog for him while he's away. Can I just say that I love MY dog, and wouldn't trade MY dog for anything in the world. But this, this, thing he dropped off at my house is small almost rodent like gets under your feet to the point where you almost kick it across the room trying to walk and farts. Farts so much! My house stinks! Oh and it's ugly! Yes I'm a fan of larger dogs, I tend to think of the smalls ones as rats since my cat is bigger than them but I can usually see the cute part and set aside my preference! It's not even the "You're so ugly you're cute" deal either :( Oh well. I'm getting paid for this as well so I can really complain when all I've got to do is scoop up some extra kibble and hold a second leash on a walk?!?
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