I don't have a whole lot of introspective thoughts today. I'm actually not feeling so hot, maybe a cold starting or just plain old exhausted I'm not sure.

Which brings me to my post title for today. Pulses are great for you. And I'm not just talking about the kind that indicates you're alive. I'm talking about the pulses you eat. Say what? Eat pulses? Oh yes you do! Pulses are the dried seeds of legumes. Think beans, peas, lentils and chickpeas. Ah... now you know what I'm talking about right?

So here's the deal pulses are:
1) High in fiber
2) High in protein
3) Low in fat
4) Low glycemic index
5) Great source of folate and other minerals

We all know that being overweight puts a person at risk of several different co-morbidities including cardiovascular disease and type 2 diabetes. But did you know that including these foods in your diet may help reduce your risk of developing these diseases? Well now you do. So how much of this stuff are you supposed to eat anyways? In 2005 the USDA guidelines recommended eating 3 cups of legumes a week, this works out to about half a cup per day. Currently the average North American eats just 3 cups a month! Wowza! That's a big difference.

I know for us bandsters 3 cups a week seems like a lot so I have a few suggestions for you. I personally love chickpeas! Love love love! And my favourite way to eat em? Hummus! You can make it yourself of buy it pre-made. This delish dip/spread is great as a snack with veggies or used as a spread in sandwiches. Try adding some chickpeas or beans to a salad next time you have one. Another great idea is to add them to soups. Interestingly enough lentils don't have whole lot of flavour on their own. I've been known to sneak them past my father by pureeing them and adding them to whatever I'm making: spaghetti sauces, meatballs, brownies. Yes I added lentils to brownies and he was none the wiser! Now having given you these suggestions if I've gotten you on the band-wagon (heehee "band"-wagon, I'm totally cheese I know) for your own well being and the sake of those around you please gradually add these to your diet if you normally do not consume them. The sudden increase in fiber can cause you to fluff a little more than the usual. I wonder if anyone else calls a fart a fluff?? I think it's much more lady like.

Tomorrow is hump day so keep that in mind if you're struggling to get through the afternoon tomorrow.

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