So I haven't written in a few days since I've been rather busy. I'm having one of those "Why aren't the days longer?" type of situations right now. There never quite seems to be enough time. I'm going to try my best to update you on the last few days.

Ok well here's the deal my co-worker was supposed to come pick up his dog that as you know I was a little less than impressed with. He actually got back into the city Saturday night be we agreed that I'd take her Saturday night still so that the family could settle back in for one night. So noon rolls around on Sunday and I still haven't heard from him, I send him a text and nothing. I phone him and nothing and I'm just sitting here thinking "What the hell! Come get your stinky dog!??!" 5:00 rolls around and a still haven't heard anything. Well I had plans to be at a friends place for 7 (which I will tell you more about) and had to leave shortly in order to get a bus there on time. So I ended up leaving at 6:15 to get the bus and I still haven't heard from him. During the middle of this dealio at my friends my cell rings and guess who it is? Really? Really! You waited this long to call? Yup. There was some story about his phone breaking or something but can I get the dog tomorrow? Fine whatev, we'll take care of it tomorrow.
So this deal I was going to a friends place for was a Partylite party. Don't know what partylite is? It's those home party type idea's and they sell candles and other house accessories. I ended up getting a few lovely items as well as some candles. The first thing I got is this pretty reed diffuser that looks like a bloom from a chrysanthemum.
 The other item I purchased was a set of candle holders. It includes one tealight holder, one votive holder, two taper holders, and two different pillar holders.

Wasn't that just today? No it wasn't. It was rather boring in all honesty. I worked... and I came home... I think my parents were here for a bit and then I went to bed. Nothing stands out regarding life or the band so it must have been a good day.

Tuesday (Today)
I was busy at work and I needed to get certain things done and I knew I had to leave early. So what did that mean, it was "Ask stupid questions to annoy Leslee day." Sometimes I wonder how people make it so far in life, if you would just stop and think for a second I'm sure you could figure it out! So I had to leave work early because I had an appointment booked at the clinic for a fill. Now I don't need a fill but they like to see you anyways and check on your progress, it doesn't cost me anything either so I like going and checking in with the doc's and the nurse. I weighed in at 177 on their scale, which is always 2-3 pounds heavier than mine so this was no surprise to me since I'd figured theirs would most likely say 178 even though my home one has me at 176. Had a good chat with the nurse about how things were going and how things like stress can influence my band. Also had a good explanation from her about the band being tight in the morning which I will post at another time. After my appointment it was time for my dog to go see the doctor. Poor Summer somehow caught her nail on something over the weekend and cracked it in half so it was consistently clotting and then re-opening and bleeding and she was gimping around feeling sorry for herself. She might be more upset with the solution though. The broken, barely attached peice of nail was removed and she is not sporting a rather snazzy fluorescent pink bandage on that foot. I should add that the vet put the cutest purple flower on it too to "match her collar." Tee Hee! I love it!

So tomorrow is hump day. I'm having a girl friend from college over for dinner. Who I might add I haven't told about the band yet. I haven't had any hesitation about telling anyone as much as I have with her. I don't know why, maybe since we're not as close as we used to be. Hope everyone has a great remainder of the week and I will try to check in on Thursday since I'm sure there won't be time tomorrow.
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  1. Debi Says:

    Hey I love the items you bought at the Partylite Party.

  2. Leslee Says:

    Thanks Debi! I can't wait to get them in. I've actually decided to become a partylite consulatant to make some extra money since I love their products so much :)

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