So I may or may not be the culprit that unfortunately brought Drazil's followers back up to 199. While this seems to be distressing her so I can't help but be a little jealous with my fabulous 13 followers, thanks for following me guys!! Actually maybe not how do you keep track of whose who anyways?!? While I'm good with faces and names in person so far in the blogosphere not so much.

I told Drazil that I would post my own number superstition whether or not she cares, or even if you care, I'm sharing it.

So the number 2 huh... Nice even number, in fact the first even number. Everything is better in pairs is it not? Most certainly! Where to start my number two saga, how about my birthday! I was born on February 22, 1985 or 2/22/85. Coincidence or not my home phone number growing up and up until three weeks ago ended in the digits 22285. A year or two ago I entered an online draw on February 2nd and won my self a sweet Body Shop gift basket. Some co-workers and I have a survivor pool and the first time I won I got to make my picks 2nd for both (we draw two numbers to determine the order of choosing a survivor) and my 2nd pick won! I also won the last survivor pool with both of my choices taking first and second, so 2 came in there as well. What else... Any student number or ID I've ever been assigned has had an exceptional amount of 2's in it. I was the second person to interview for my current job and I got it. I realize that I might be starting to sound a little like Jim Carey's character in the Number 23.

Onto actual band related life. We're best of buds right now! I haven't had any major issue with food getting stuck/sliming since Sunday. I hope I'm not jinxing it by talking about it.

Tuesday's Food:
- Breakfast/Mid-Morning Snack: Rice Pudding, not a good food choice I know but they're expiring soon and I can't stand throwing food out.
- Lunch: Spinach/Red Pepper/Feta Quiche, Blackberries, 1/2 of a monster cookie
- Dinner: Egg Salad > Two hard-boiled eggs, little bit a mayo, salt pepper and pickle
- Other: diet pepsi
Wednesday's Food:
- Chocolate Latte with Almond flavour shots, just steamed choc. milk with espresso and sugar free almond syrup, they were out of cinnamon :(
- Breakfast/Mid-Morning Snack: Rice Pudding
- Lunch: Spinach/Red Pepper/Feta Quiche, Blackberries, Mango
- Dinner: uhmmm... if I can't remember what I ate I guess that means I haven't had dinner yet. I've had a few pieces of pineapple!

So four more sleeps until my co-worker picks up his dog, not the I'm counting down or anything ;) I mean I love having the stinky little NOT HOUSE BROKEN bugger around. Completely sarcastic of course and keep reminding myself that there will be compen$ation!!

Tomorrow is Thursday, you know what that means don't you?? Yeah well neither do I!

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  1. Amy W. Says:

    Over time 2 things will happen. First, you will get more followers. I promise.

    Second, you will form some rather close relationships with a select few of those followers....and you will remember them better than others. It is hard with so many of us blogging now. It is even harder on the blogs with no pictures bc you cant put a face in your memory to go with the name!

  2. Drazil Says:

    You little turd - it was YOU - OMG - panic attacks, hives and no sleep for YOU! LOL. All is well - 199 went away - thank God. You understand my number issue though - thanks for following!

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