Have my first appointment with the Dietitian tomorrow. Not really sure what to expect. I imagine she will go over how I will be eating during the MediSlim weeks... if there is any eating at all. And hopefully some information and tips for post banding. Also have to stop by the bank tomorrow at some point during the day to pick up a draft for my 25% installment that I can give them while there for the appointment. The one thing they had mentioned during my consult was that I would meet with a psychologist but I have yet to hear anything about booking that appointment.
Unfortunately my baby girl (my dog) got sick again the other day after recently (about a month ago) going through this dilemma of not being able to keep food down. I had to feed her rice only for about a week and slowly reintroduce her kibble last time. It so happened that the vet called on Monday to see how she was doing. Is it possible that she's psychic since Summer started getting sick again just the day before? Who knows. She seems to be ok now and I'm going to attribute it to the fact that we were out a lot over the weekend and she was eating a ton of snow and lord knows whatelse.
For those of you looking for a salad recipe the great little cafe across from work serves the greatest one ever. Using lettuce of your choice (romaine or spring mix are ideal), chop up a green apple and throw it in along with some feta cheese, some walnuts, celery, and a little green onion. My dressing of choice is a greek dressing. The girls at work also love it with sun-dried tomatoe or italian dressing. It's delish.
And I leave you today with a picture of my fur baby Summer. Notice her super cute Strawberry Shortcake bandana.
Lots of Love - Les
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