So in exactly one week I get to start on MediTrim. That's what they're using instead of optifast, it doesn't have aspartame which is a bonus. I'm allowed to have with that upto 2 cups of non-starchy veggies a day as well as sugar free kool-aid, soda, crystal light, jell-o (max 2 cups of jell-o a day). I know that surviving on a 600 calorie diet for 2 weeks is going to be extremely difficult for me. I can guaruntee that the first day I will be convinced I'm dying. I remember when I did the south beach diet a few years back that cutting out all of the sugar like that sent me for a real spin. I was so dizzy and nauseated all the time that I had to allow myself a piece of fruit every day so I wouldn't pass out. I hope that I'm able to cope with it though and won't have to skip out of work because of it. I don't really have the sick days available for more than my two weeks of recovery.
Heading out tonight for indian food as a "valentines" treat with a few girls and then to a pub after for some live music. Went for my last sushi last night with the guys across the street. It was soooo good and the whole time I just keep thinking that you better enjoy this cause you might never be able to have it again. It is finally sinking in how permanent and drastic this is going to be which is what I need. If I physically cannot eat something or a lot of somthing (4 rolls at sushi) I won't. I'm feeling nervous about the surgery and excited at the same time to start my new life. And also a little relieved that this is happening and that soon I just won't have the option of over eating or eating certain things and then I won't feel guilty after. So this week my eating habits will most likely go right out the window. I'm almost pretending that I will never eat again or something and therefore should go for all of the things I love cause it might be the last time ever.
Lots of Love - Les
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