I was getting a little impatient so I sent a quick e-mail to the patient advisor over at the surgical center to see if she had any news as to when I might be able to book a date. She got back to me this morning by e-mail and said that she just finalized the Dr.'s schedules yesterday and wanted to when and where would be the best to contact me to set up my appointments. So no actual date booked yet but its encouraging to at least be making some progress.
In completely unrelated to lap band topic. I'm one of those people constantly searching for the perfect skin care routine and beauty products whether they are commercial or homemade concoctions. And have I got a new favorite. In my never ending quest to clear up my complexion and moisturize my skin I discovered the Oil Cleansing Method. Really what it is is using oil to wash you face. Bizarre I know but it works. I'm using a mixture of sweet almond oil with a little castor oil that I massage onto my face for about 5 minutes in the evenings before bed. I then place a hot steamy face cloth over my face (just like at the spa) until it is cooled and wipe off the oil. So the steam opens the pores and since you're using oil (the gunk in your pores is also oil) the oil dissolves all the gook and you can wipe it away. I rinse out the cloth and steam again for a total of 3 steams/wipes. My face is left beautifully moisturized and with clear pores. I'm in love with this! In the mornings all you need to do is wash gently with water and you're good to go. Amazing! So if you're up for it try it out I highly recommend.
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