Apparently a message was left for me on Friday to confirm my appointment with the dietitian today at 4:30... uhmmm what message? They called me at work actually in a bit of a panic because our entire city turned into a skating rink overnight and the roads/walking has been horrendous. Kind of them to be concerned that I had fallen somewhere and couldn't get up or something but not the case. It just happens that my father is not good at taking or giving messages. I told them to call me on my cell from now on and even if I don't answer it goes to my voice mail that I check regularly. So I'm rescheduled in for Wednesday at 4:30. Hopefully driving and such has worked itself out by then.
I ended up over at my friend Sherri's yesterday. She just lives down the street and called me in a bit of a panic and just needed someone there. We spent the afternoon together chatting and playing with her baby girl (she's so cute). A week or two ago I was sure I wasn't going to tell her. But I did, and I'm glad I did she's really excited and happy for me and her one condition was that when I've lost some or all of the weight and want to go shopping for a pair of heels she has to be there. That's easy enough. I also told two girls at work today since what I'm working on right now is mostly for their PhD's or publications I felt that I needed to let them know that I'll be out for a couple weeks so we can plan ahead and get some stuff done and what not. It went good with them too. I was more worried about telling them since they are doing their PhD's in human nutritional sciences I was worried about how they would react. It wasn't fantastically like Sherri but at the same time it wasn't as if they were outright saying that I shouldn't do it and calling me a cheater or lazy or something. So everything looks mostly good.
Lots of Love - Les
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