So I am already grieving for food. Haven't even started the MediTrim and I'm thinking "Wow, I'm really going to miss eating this." I've hit up Sushi, and an Indian restaurant for my fills already. Friday night I'm going out with Sherri for my birthday/last supper. Not really sure where I want to eat though. Maybe Italian... I really don't know.
I dropped off my final payment at the surgical centre today and also picked up my MediTrim. I will be having two shakes and one bar a day. I'm also allowed two cups of non-starchy veggies. I'm thinking I'll probably end up have a cup of sliced cucumber everyday (I love cucumber) and a cup of steamed spinach. Strange but even as a child I've always loved steamed spinach with a bit of vinegar on it so that I will also enjoy. The dietitien okay'd my request to have sugar free jell-o for the two weeks, but no more than 2 cups. I'm hoping that this will help me get past that need to snack on something since the raspberry ones are so strongly flavoured. I picked up some crystal light drink mixes since they're sugar free and also found some sugar free iced tea mix which I will be able to have.
I know already that I am going to be the worlds crankiest bitch for those two weeks so I might have to give my family and co-workers fair warning. 600 calorie per day diet mixed with PMS/period is not a good idea but it's happening anyways.
Went to the Brad Paisley concert with Maria last night, sat in 29 row on the floor. It was absolutely amazing. I'll have to post a few pics once I download them. I even got a picture of myself sporting my new cowgirl hat my father brought back from Nashville for me. It could serve as one of my before photos.
I'm having my family birthday dinner tomorrow since my actual birthday I will be on MediTrim :( I requested BBQ ribs (one of my dad's specialties) and cheesecake... yummm.... My Mom makes a great cheesecake. I have also requested that as of saturday morning (when I start on MediTrim) that all leftovers from this meal are removed from the house so I'm not tempted. I don't care if they have to eat themselves sick or give it to the neighbours I want it gone.
Anyways, I think that's all I have to share for now and my novel for today is long enough.
Lots of Love - Les
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