So how excited am I? Unbelievably excited! I book my surgery today! So the date is set for March 7 unless something should change. The only thing that sucks is I will have to start the dreaded diet the day before my birthday. Oh well, it's for the better right?!? Also, I was originally told that it would be OptiFast that I would be choking down for two weeks. They have apparently changed some stuff here and it is now MediSlim. I think that's what it was called. The benefit is supposed to be that it has a higher protein content (therefore keeps you full longer) and an added bonus no aspartame! The no aspartame I'm totally stoked about as I know for a fact that if I have too much of it I end up with a wicked stomach ache. So what's left to do. I need to get my appointments with the dietitien and the psychologist. Both of which I expect to have set up by the end of the week or early next week as she just needs to clarify their schedules. I also have to drop by and give them my 25% down payment.. sob.. so much money gone so easily. I can't think about that though. This isn't about the money. My health and happiness does not have a price associated with it. And that's that.
Lots of Love - Les
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