I heard back from the team at the surgical center on Tuesday. They'd received the form from my GP and gotten the go ahead from the anesthesiologist. So now the super nice patient advisor there just needs to finalize the good Doc's schedules and then we can book a date. It sound like I'm looking at a day sometime in March, hopefully no later than the beginning of April.

Unfortunately while my brother was here for his super quick visit he figured it out. After my father's comment on the Sunday after he commented me on his wait and him taking the message from the clinic (they just asked that I call) he figured it out. I'm kind of upset about this. Mostly because of his reaction. He wasn't completely against it, instead he wants/told me to get a referal to Ontario so that the government will pay for it but they won't pay for a Lap-Band I told him. His response was "I know, I'm talking about a gastric by-pass."

Is he out of his flipping mind?!?! There is no way that I'm going to have a gastric by-pass. Yes I am overweight, yes I want to have weight-loss surgery, but no I do not want to have my stomach physically cut in half (or less) and re-routed to just a portion of my intestine leaving me unable to properly digest and absorb nutrients. His view probably comes from the fact that his wife's cousin had a GB done about 8 years ago I guess and she has lost the weight. Great for her, she's probably lost 300 pounds. But I have about 70-80 to lose, not 300. I think for him he believes that the GB is better only because the government will pay and therefore saves me money... Uhmm... I can't put a price on my life, health and happiness. Can you? So no. I will not have a GB. I will however continue the process of getting a Lap-Band happily, healthily, and most importantly safely (much much safer than a GB as far as I'm concerned).

That's all for me today. I'm going to crawl into bed with my book, try and get the dog to lay on my feet to keep em warm since Grey's Anatomy was a repeat tonight :(

Lots of Love - Les
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