I've been reading so much about the band and everything I read just further confirms that I really want to get this done. Having said that I do have some concerns and questions to ask the Dr.

1. What percentage of patients have their bands slip?
- Most of what I've read this is caused by vomiting after surgery, which I don't know if I'll be able to control. For as long as I can remember I've kind of had a weak stomach and never having had any sort of surgery before I don't know how I will react to the anesthetic. In the last year I've spent a lot of time at the Dr.'s trying to get answers to this 'indigestion' problem. It isn't my gall bladder, celiac disease, or colitis. The latest he's come up with is IBS. I also think it may be a food allergy but I don't even know where to begin that one. I am concerned that this might influence whether or not I can get the surgery.
2. What is their post-operative support system like?
- Do they have dietitians and therapists available to help patients afterword or am I on my own except for fills after.
3. What would be my expected weight loss?
- Are we talking a healthy 2-4 pounds per week or something more drastic.

Now that I've started typing this I'm suddenly forgetting everything I was concerned about.
I do know that I need to start curbing my spending habits. I have an addiction to live music and last year spent... well a lot on concerts. I suppose that I need to decide what is more important. My health is, so I've purchased my last concert ticket for a while :( It will be a great show though, I will be seeing Taylor Swift in July with a girlfriend who used to be in the lab. I'm digressing though. This isn't going to be an inexpensive endeavor. In fact I will be going into quite a bit a dept to do this. It is 2/3 of my yearly salary. As great as people seem to think the Canadian health care system is they do not cover any portion of weight loss surgeries unless you are extremely obese (to the point that death is just around the corner). It is kind of disappointing that the government won't help to pay any portion of this when in the long run I will be saving them more money the the actually cost of the surgery since I will be avoiding future co-morbidity's such as my mother's joint replacements and cancer treatment. Who knows maybe once this is said and done I will have enough self confidence to become an advocate for weight loss surgeries to get the government to wake up!

Shout out to Skinny Biddy for the comment! I've been reading your blog from the beginning for a little while now and it has actually helped me quite a bit so thanks! One of your comments near the beginning said that all you had left to get was a man, I'm in the same boat!

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