I'm still sure about my decision so that is a good thing at this point for me. I sometimes tend to make great plans and then as the date approaches I back out. Such as spending two months looking for vacations to Cuba and then just 3 weeks before the actual date of departure decide that I really don't want to go alone after all and would rather spend my money else where.
I had a call from the Dr.'s office yesterday and they have changed the time of my appointment from 4:15 to 1:00 which actually works better for me so that's great. I did not post yesterday since I was not feeling very well.
I kind of had this weird nauseated feeling all evening and all I could think was "Here we go again!" As a kid I consistently would get sick anywhere from two to three times a week. No warning or anything and could sometimes go months without an episode. The worst part was that I would actually vomit in my sleep. I do not remember ever doing this just waking up afterwords and obviously being very upset. As I got older the episodes have become much less frequent and I at least wake up feeling the onset and am able to make it to the bathroom. The funny thing is that I always felt better the next day. Despite my parents attempt to get some sort of diagnosis they were never able to determine what it was so I'm just left knowing that I've mostly grown out of it. Today I'm at the point where I maybe have 5 to 6 occurrences of this a year. Something to me that is manageable. I do wish however I knew what it was or is, and I also pray that this will not be a concern of the surgeon's and effect the final decision.
And completely unrelated stuff. I've been reading so many people's blogs and can't help but notice how everyone has their own customized templates and such. I'm not really ecstatic about my generic one but don't know any HTML and haven't been able to find a free template I liked. I was talking with a guy at work whose wife is part of the blogging world and she uses square space since you don't need any HTML knowledge for it. Only thing is you can't combine blogger and square space :( Since I've already started here and found a few people that I would like to keep in contact with throughout this journey I don't really want to move to another system. Any suggestions out there?
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