Well, I just had myself a good cry. I missed Grey's Anatomy last night since I went to the Sam Roberts concert. The show was amazing, it reinforced that belief I have in the power of great live music being able to lift you and heal your soul. There is just something about seeing a great musician perform that makes my heart ache with passion. Maybe I was a musician in a past life or something. Anyways my crying comes in with me watching last nights Grey's online. And as usual I got myself so wound up in the plot and characters that I ended up crying. But hey sometimes you just need a good cry to get things you didn't even know you were upset about out of your system.

I dropped off the form at my GP's yesterday for him to fill out. Hopefully he'll do that soon so I can continue progress and book a date. I'm kind of worried about it. I guess because I personally don't have a lot of trust with my GP and I'm not happy with the care I've been receiving.

Despite the start of my week and some super stress at work the rest of the week turned out just fine. I was able to pump out some results for the boss on short notice and learn several new techniques in the process. I got to try out some gel column separation, digestion of plasma and adiponectin, as well as some new antibodies and a multi screening western blotting apparatus... I realize that to the non-science geek lab tech nerds out there that probably means nothing so sorry all!

As I was saying I hit up the Sam Roberts concert last night and if you haven't heard of him I highly suggest checking out his music. He's a great rock musician based out of Montreal. His music is great to just sit back and chill out to. It's catchy with some great lyricism. While I was at the show though I was struck with a huge pang of guilt. There's another Canadian band I adore, Matt Mays & El Torpedo, that I didn't go see in the fall simply because I didn't want to go alone. I need to start pushing myself out of my comfort zone more often. It's one of those confidence type issues where I'm nervous to do things without friends. There was absolutely no other reason for me not to go to that show, tickets were only $20. If I had gone I'm sure I would have had an awesome time. So I've got to work on that, keep telling myself that I don't need to have a buddy around to do everything. So I decided that if Matt heads back into Peg city this year, regardless if I can find someone to go with me I will go. I won't miss him for something like that again. Didn't I say earlier that I had to stop spending so much money on concerts though? What's wrong with me? It's a sick obsessive compulsion. So lets try to make a better resolution. No big ticket concerts. Smaller venues with tickets no more than $50. I will not buy anymore $300 tickets (Elton John anyone?!?!) and if I must absolutely see that artist I will settle for the cheaper ticket even though it won't be floor :( It hurts to say but I need to set my priorities right. Lap-Band... Concerts... Lap-Band... Concerts.... LAP-BAND!!! DUH!

Alright all I leave you with my Music of the Moment: Sam Roberts Band - We Were Born in a Flame

Lots of Love - Les
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