So where exactly does time go anyways? They have always told us that there are 24 hours in a day but lately that just can't be right since there never seems to be enough time!
I hope that all of my fellow Canadian's had a fantastic May Long Weekend! I know that I sure did, we sort of. My oldest brother and one of his sons came in from Toronto for the weekend and it was so nice to see them! I even skipped out of work on Friday to spend some extra time with them so I got an extra long weekend out of it. The "sort of" part of the weekend was how ridiculously tight my band was all weekend. I PB'd every single day four days in a row. Not nice and therefore kept putting myself back on liquids. I'm not sure if maybe after the first PB I was just rushing it by trying solids again the next day though? What do you usually do when this happens? I managed to get some soup down today that had some meat and veg in it but about a half hour after finishing started to get a lil uncomfortable. I'm kind of confused and think maybe I need an un-fill?? Any advice? On the bright side of my lack of eating over the weekend I'm sitting at 170.5 pounds as of 5 minutes ago. Probably not staying there long since that kind of weight loss isn't permanent or realistic in my opinion but we'll see what happens. I'm going to make myself some nice mushy egg salad for lunch tomorrow and cross my fingers. I'm kind of bummed though cause I had picked up all the ingredients to make a fab salad and then couldn't eat it: baby butter lettuce, avocado, strawberries, candied pecans, goat cheese and a poppy seed dressing. Yummies!
I had my Partylite Starter Show this evening and earned my starter kit for free! Yay! That means that I had $500 in sales so my host benefits pay for the kit. The girl that is getting me started said I got more than the $500 so I'll get extra to money to spend on product to use for shows or just on myself, sweet! Also one of my friends that came is going to host a show so that means more $ in my pocket and free shwag for her. 
So a few weeks back I was so excited cause I finally went shopping and bought some new jeans and a pair of capris and was stoked about my now size 14, I think that maybe I should have bought the 12's... I forgot about that whole thing called spandex and lyrca and how they put it in everything now and just because something fits perfect at the store doesn't mean it will after wearing it for an hour. I then started getting myself all confused. Well am I a size 14 or a 12 then??? For tops I'm wearing an XL now which is exciting in its own right and might very well never get below a L because of this G for Gigantic cup size I've been cursed with, I'm still waiting for that one to start changing.
I better get to bed or I may not be able to get up in time for work tomorrow. Happy Hump Day Tomorrow Already! Yay for long weekends and the resulting short work weeks!

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  1. Girl Bandit Says:

    Congrats on your kit...and weight loss...you sound excited. Have a great weekend

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