And unfortunately I'm not referring to the muscles that for now are still hidden beneath my insulation.

Awhile back when I went for a check-up/fill appointment I had a good chat with the nurse about how in the morning particularly I find that my band is much tighter and therefore I sometimes have trouble getting some substantial, keep you going for the morning type of foodies. I was sitting there all confused explaining and asking "Why oh why?" when she very kindly pointed out to me this natural phenomenon that gets blamed for all sorts of other things but might also hold the answer to my question.

Gravity. Yup. And it makes total sense once she said it! And I call myself a super science geek, pft! So here's your food for thought. As the day goes on where is your fill going to go, down! Gravity pulls it there, so naturally things tend to loosen up a bit later in the day. Now when you get to sleep you're lying down, at least I am, and now things need to shift and level out and re-equilibrate and all that nerdo stuff. So as we're sleeping a certain amount of that fill makes it way up closer to the band and then when we wake up and try and eat the whole "Why oh why?" starts all over again. Really! Once upon a time I thought I was smart but now I'm beginning to wonder if I couldn't figure that one out on my own.

I've got 29 followers now. Hello to Colleen my newest follower! Here's a bit of useless information for you, my parents had considered naming me Colleen. My Mom asked her grandmother what she thought of the name and she replied "We're not Irish." I guess in her mind you had to be Irish to be named Colleen??? Either way it must have made an impression so instead they named me Leslee. Of course with an unusual spelling so that I will be correcting people until the day I die, although I usually don't even give them a chance to try and spell it on their own. For some reason when they ask if it's "i-e" or "e-y" and I say no "it's e-e" they end up writing "Leeslie" so in one breath it comes out "Leslee, l-e-s-l-e-e."

Scales are still stuck at 175. Can't be surprised honestly cause I've not been exercising and my food has been less than ideal. Yesterday I only managed to get down two or three bites of tuna salad for lunch. Thought I would finish it for dinner, up it came after just one bite. I totally don't get it sometimes! It was mushy and moist and laden with extra mayo calories... Who knows. Is it possible that if gravity can effect the band that barometric pressure etc might do something?? Hmmm... I think I need to start working in a lab that researches environmental and external physical influences on gastric band patients. Screw this nutritional research, it didn't seem to help me pre-band!

This week has been going by remarkably fast and I can't believe tomorrow is Thursday already! My Mom is heading to the US for a few days tomorrow and I've requested that she bring back for me: any different crystal light flavours, diet sunkist (we don't have it here, I'm thining it might be similar to C-plus here but there isn't a diet one), diet cherry pepsi and diet cherry vanilla dr pepper... I know I know we're not supposed to have soft drinks. But really is one a week gonna kill me? No! Have a great Thursday all!
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  1. Nella Says:

    where do you live? we travel to the us for great deals!!! us canadians eh?

  2. Leslee Says:

    Hey Nella!
    I live in Winnipeg, what about you?
    And as much as I hate hearing it but I guess there is a reason why we're sometimes referred to as Crazy Canucks.
    It doesn't even need to be a deal for me though sometimes, just something different!

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