This week has been rather uneventful in all honesty. Just work, some more work, walk the dog, try and eat, sleep rinse and repeat.

So Jess did this post earlier in the week explaining why she hadn't posted in a while and I could've sworn that I wrote it myself! I could feel the frustration and near desperation in her tone and completely related. I too at times find it very hard to post when I have nothing positive to write about. The old Thumper adage of "If you can't say anything nice don't say anything at all" tend to come to mind for me.

So Jess if you're reading here's what I have to say about your "situation." It will happen in time. Like me you've started your journey at a much lower place (weight wise) than the standard bandster. It might take a few or four fills for things to finally start moving. That doesn't mean that you're doing anything wrong you just need to get your band to work with you. If you recall I was banded March 7 of last year and really didn't start losing much to write home about until December. That's 9 months! But to put it in perspective Angie who started at the same time but had more to lose and is close to the same height has indeed lost a great deal more than more (way to go Angie) but we are sitting relatively close weight wise these days. Please keep this kind of stuff in mind and don't get discouraged! I totally relate and understand and if anything my own discouragement over the past year may have made it that much harder.

**Edit: My bad, Angie is apparently a fantasmical 5'8" or something like that. I can only wish to be that tall!**

What else can I tell you... I finally caved in and went and bought some clothes yesterday. Part of my was holding out as long as possible to avoid spending money on something that hopefully won't fit for much longer :) Having said that though I couldn't tolerate pulling up my pants every 5 seconds anymore. Nor could I handle the fashion statement I seemed to be making that looked a lot like I'd pooped my pants. Genetically I've inherited a rather flat ass so anytime pants get big I get droopy bum syndrome, not exactly fetching. I went to Old Navy cause I figured at least price wise the stuff would be alright. Guess what? I'm a 14 now!!! So I picked up two pairs of jeans, a pair of capris, a blazer and two t-shirts. The t-shirts were actually free, some sort of grand re-opening deal or something. Oh and I got free cotton candy! What a nice treat, I honestly can't remember the last time I even had cotton candy. My new jeans actually fit in the waist, bum and thighs which is very refreshing.

My Mom is moving in with me this week while their hardwood floors get refinished for re-sale, so that should be fun. I've gotten used to having my own house/space and not feeling obligated to talk to anyone. How anti-social do I sound? I also got to bring my cat(s) home last night. I'd missed having her around. The other one (my brother's cat which will move to the lake with my parents) not so much, he's kind of evil. They seem to like the place though, lots of wide sunny windowsills for them to sit on and new hiding places to discover. I'll leave you this fabulously warm Sunday with a picture of my cat, her name is Lekili. The picture doesn't show it the greatest but she's a long haired Calico, mostly white with a few dark sports and orange on the back of hear head. She walks around swishing her tail cause she's a princess and should really have a crown.

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  1. Sandy Lee Says:

    What a great post. I am so totally with you and Jess right now. And I went shopping yesterday for pants since my baggy bum pants were looking terrible. Got into a size 12 although my tops are still 16 (Large/XL). I did find it hard to go down two sizes though. I originally picked out size 14s, and were just a bit baggy. When I finally succumbed to the 12s, I realized that they weren't too tight. Hard to get out of the baggy clothes mentality though. Love your cat. So sweet.

  2. Anonymous Says:

    pretty sure angie's 5'8

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