In part 1 I covered that the previous home owner wasn't as forth coming about her financial situation as she should have been considering she was selling the house and could have really screwed me over. In the end it all worked out but not without a few more hiccups along the way.

On the day of possession my Dad and I took our time getting up and making our way over to what is now my end of town. Strangely enough I slept just fine the night before, I thought I would be a huge jumble of nerves and get no sleep at all. My Mom was out of town for a quilting retreat and unfortunately, or fortunately, wasn't able to join us. We pulled up to the house and went to go park in the parking pad near the back lane but there wasn't really any room for a car there. I wish I could say it was because we had a ton of snow this winter and it was all just piled right there but that wasn't the case. What was actually taking up the room was a few sofa's, other random furniture and garbage that the previous home owner (who I think I will start calling C-H to shorten things and I will explain about later as well) decided she had no need for anymore but couldn't be bothered to move.

The trash outside was just the start though... Once we got inside I found my place in even more of a mess than it was when I first looked at it. I didn't think that was possible! I did a quick walk around found more stuff C-H left behind and then found "the note." It went something like this:

I'm sorry that I did not leave the house and give it a proper cleaning as your deserve. But due to financial difficulties, no help and the water being turned off I was not able to. Please accept these household gifts I have left. Thanks much C-H

First off, NO WATER!!! Second, ewww I don't want your gross stuff. Third, let me call my lawyer.

Really I know you were going into foreclosure so your mortgage wasn't paid for at least a year. If your water bill comes quarterly how many times do you not have to pay for it before they turn it off? Luckily we practically live in the arctic so they legally can not turn off gas/hydro in the winter cause you would freeze to death.

My Dad and I started ripping out the carpet and my old neighbor J who runs a cleaning business was great and brought over buckets of hot water so we could at least clean off the kitchen counter and put our bags down.

The city water department didn't show up until nearly 8 pm that night to turn the water back on for me so we kind of had to hang out in the grunge for a while. When it was back on though it wasn't without it's own drama. The dishwasher started filling with water, poured out the bottom, then into the basement at a location where very conveniently the electrical box was located. YIKES! Water was turned back off, plumber called in for the next day.
Carpets Out, lots of work left though!
Dirty house and water drama aside I had high hopes that my hardwoods could be refinished. There was a ton of carpet glue on them but other than that they seemed to be in decent shape.
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  1. Jessica Says:

    I also purchased a home in foreclosure, and it was a mess when we moved in! The previous owner had been renting it out, so the renters trashed the place before leaving. There were holes in the walls and doors, huge stains in the rugs, and the place was downright filthy! Oh, and it was only 3 years old so it should have been pretty nice looking still! Oh well, we got a good deal on it, and after LOTS of work it is beautiful again. I know yours will be as well! I really like the red walls! Keep us posted on the progress!

  2. Girl Bandit Says:

    Wow...full of dramas but it looks really cute. Oh and nice excuse about leaving the furniture and pretending they were gifts!!! WTF??? Nice to meet you on your blog

  3. KRISTI Says:

    My husband buys foreclosed homes and fixes them up- you wouldnt believe the stuff that he has seen/found. One time he took ALL of his clothes off in the garage and then burned his clothes in the fire pit. The house he had been at that day was infested with FLEAS and they were all over him and his clothes... SO GROSS! Its amazing what a little soap and alot of disinfectant can do... :) You should see some of the houses once they are fixed up.
    At least she left you an apology note though.

  4. Jess Says:

    Yeah you can fix things up really nicely. We just moved into the trailor we are in now and I thought it was a hopeless case the first time I saw it. It needed alot of work and then a few weeks later I went and looked at again and it's amazing what some new tile floor and paint can do for a place!!! It will be great!

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