I'm headed out to the lake in a few hours so it will be a while before I post again. Well I could technically try since we've got a laptop and dial-up out there but in the time it takes to load a page... well it just takes forever and so isn't worth it.
My middle brother flies into the city about 5:30 and we're picking him up at the airport and heading straight out there. It's the first time he's been back to the 'Peg in four years. Craziness! I saw him last year for a few days I took a little vacay to spend some time in Canmore and Banff. I love it there but just my luck it rained the entire four and a half days I was there. I was so disappointed. I knew that there were supposed to be mountains out there but for the life of me do you think the clouds and fog would part so I could see them? Nope!
I'm pretty stoked to get out to the lake so I can see my baby! It's pathetic but I've been missing my dog so much. It's been almost a month since I've seen her. I know that she belongs out in the country but its hard being away from her. Summer - Approx 4 months. On her very first trip to the lake. She apparently thought the dashboard was the comfiest place to sleep for the 3 hour drive.

Summer all grown up. She's maybe 3 here. Just being the happy dog she is.
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