So up until recently I've been blissfully and ignorantly living at home with my parents. I know what you're saying "You're 24 you should be out on your own already." I totally agree. Thing is I've got this dog I can't bear to be separated from so while I'm living at home I've been saving away my money so that when I find the right place I can by myself a house. But life never quite goes according to plan now does it. A few months ago my mother was laid off due to "restructuring" so she has happily taken a bit of an early retirement. My father will be six next fall and in fall 2010 they plan on fulfilling their lifelong dream of retiring at the cabin. My mom has a job lined up at the local community college just 20 minutes from the cabin to supplement her income since she will not be of age to collect a government pension by that time so things seem to be happening just fine for them.
Where does that leave me though? While I'm happy for them and that they are going to do something they always wanted. I have by no means saved enough money for a down payment on a house. The housing market here is still ridiculously high compared to the trends realty has taken in other parts of the country. A house you could buy in Windsor for say $80,000 is going to cost you more like $140-160,000 here in Winnipeg. So I don't qualify for a mortgage. Another thing about Winnipeg, good luck finding a place to rent if you have pets!! Probably the worst place in the country for this. It's flat out refusal for pets of any sort, unless were talking a goldfish or something. Sometimes they might, just might allow a cat. Other cities realize that this is unreasonable and allow most renters to pay a larger damage deposit in exchange for pets in the space. No problem, I would totally do this in an instant. I'd put one months rent down as a damage deposit in order to get a place but they just flat out refuse any dogs. Now, I technically don't have to be out of the house until March or April when they will be listing but lets face it, I'm better off looking while there isn't 6 feet of snow on the ground making moving a less than easy affair. Also there are more places coming up right now due to university starting up soon and such. I can't afford to rent a house on my own either I've learned now so I'm trying desperately to find a room mate, and its not going so well. As in the one person I knew who was looking to move out and once mentioned that we should rent together has in the mean time mentioned the same thing to two other friends and now feels obligated to them somehow. Whatever.
Basically I'm just really lost, confused, nervous, scared and all those other stress related feelings right now. This undoubtedly is greatly impacted by the fact that I'm totally PMSing right now and I am literally crying every time I try to even think about finding a place.
How has this effected my weight loss. I don't even know anymore. I just got back from 2 weeks of vacation where the weather was terrible forcing me inside to laze about for 90% of the time, and I'm PMSing. I had a fill done this Tuesday (I managed to get in a couple weeks earlier than they originally booked me so yipee for that). I got 0.5 mL more put in, bringing me upto 4.75 mL total. I'm actually feeling the restriction quite a bit now. I noticed a difference the next day between 4.25 and 4.75 as opposed to the two weeks it took last time so thats awesome. However, when I weighed in at my fill appt it was a shock to find out that I was up 2 pounds from the previous month. I honestly thought that I'd maintained, if not dropped atleast 1 pound. I'm just not sure anymore what I'm doing wrong. I guess its back to the food journal for me again. I also don't even know if maybe those 2 pounds are just from my looming monthly visit or what.
All around, I'm just a confused mess. This is probably the most depressing post in the history of blogging as far as I'm concerned but I need to put it down somewhere or I feel like I'm going to explode.
That's it, that's all. For now atleast.
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  1. Angie Says:

    Keep your chin up sweetie. You've got a long time to figure out your housing challenge, and I'm sure you will. PMS is a huge bitch, and don't forget that bitch could be to blame for the 2lbs up- I've seen myself go up to 5lbs up the week before my period. Just keep working and journaling and you'll get there - promise. xx

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