I'll write more in detail soon.
I've been feeling much better restriction these days but still feel as though at the next appointment a little top up would be nice.
As for the housing sitch, I've pretty much decided to buy my own place. I've gone to the bank, met a realtor and even looked at a few places. Now I just have to find the right place in my price range. It might not be in time for when I'm booted out of my current abode but I figure that if I need to wait until next fall I can rent a place close to work for pretty decent and still save some more to get the perfect place. I work right beside a teaching hospital so there are always the Res. rooms there or plenty of little old houses that rent out rooms.
Went out to a stagette last night. Had a few Sangria but not sooo many that I was feeling ill. Actually I did kind of feel shitty in the cab on the way home but when you haven't had anything to drink in quite a while I guess 3 could be a little much. I had a blast though. We went for dinner at the local ball diamond where you can sit on the patio, eat, drink, and watch the game. Then we were off for a cruise on the paddle wheel queen down the river. That boat was pretty quiet but the crowd that was there was tons of fun. I wasn't expecting the "bubble" machines. Not the cute ones that blow bubbles into the air though, ones that filled the entire dance floor with bubble bath-esque foam. It sure made for an interesting night. I think the 3 hours of dancing burned off any calories I may have over indulged in during the dinner and the drinks.
Well this isn't as short as I intended, so much for the quick update, I guess you're getting the whole thing now.
Did a quick weigh in at home this morning. I'm down! Yippee! I've really been trying to stay off the scale as I was finding that I was obsessing over the number, not how I felt.
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