So it was a couple days back that this happened already I've just been a little busy, not a good start for getting back into the blogging thing I know.
Ok so here's the deal. I was house/puppy sitting for my neighbours for a few days. While I was there friday evening I poured myself a glass of water sat down and had a few sips. No more than 2 or 4 sips later I was overcome with an extreme wave a naseua. Now whether this had anything to do with having something to drink... I have no idea. The last time I'd eaten was about 4 hours earlier and I don't think it could've been a over eating/sticking issue. Where my issue and the panicing started was "Oh my god, what happens if I puke?" I know they say immediately after surgery there's worry about vomiting with band slippage and stuff, I'm almost five months out now though and the band should be all held in place with scar tissue and all by now right? I did have a slight puking episode the day after surgery and it hurt like hell, would it still hurt that much? So I ended up going home and lying down for a bit and it went away. But in the aftermath I was astounded at the level of anxiety this brought me. I was almost in tears on the phone with a girlfriend trying to talk myself down out of the panic. Does/has anyone else experienced this kind of panic related to feeling as though you will be sick while having the band? Will it hurt now that I'm healed or will it still be painful? I'm worried cause lets face it people get the flu or mild food poisoning all the time I'm kind of freaking out cause I don't know what to expect.
On another topic. I'm starting to feel some restriction! YAY! It's been two weeks since I had my fill and assumed that I was just going to have to wait until the next one to start feeling a difference. This weekend out of no where it was like "Oh, hey I only ate about 1.5 cups of food and I'm full." Ideally I would like to be eating around 1 cup per meal which is what I think is recommend so maybe I'll just need a small fill next time around. I'm going to start doing some reading and see what I can find out about other peoples experiences cause I'm surprised that after two weeks I'm just now starting to feel a difference. Strange, or maybe its different for everyone, I don't know.
Well back to doing laundry for me. I hope everyone enjoys what remains of their weekends.
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