So I thought I should get back on this wagon called blogging.
Life has been well life. If things went smoothly I'd be concerned that something was about to happen to throw a hitch in it.
Band wise things have totally been sucking ass to say the least. I've been recently starting to regret my decision to do this. About 2 weeks after my first fill I started experiencing some extreme back pain. Just to be sure it wasn't band related the good Doc's took out all but 1 mL of my saline. Well turns it wasn't related and it went away just as mysteriously as it started. So I'm now trying to work my way back up to that same level I was at before the un-fill. I was at 4.5 mL, down to 1 mL and now I'm at 4.25 mL. When I was at 4.5 mL I was doing great. Happy with my decision, losing weight, gaining back some confidence. I even hit onderland I was sitting at 195. Now... I'm back upto 205 and not feeling any restriction at 4.25 mL. I'm frustrated, angry, and just freaking pissed off. I have been religously tracking my food and eating high protein meals as advised. I just don't know what else to do. My next fill isn't until August 25 and it just seems so far away. It has now been 4 months and 15 days since my banding and I can honestly say that I have not really lost any significant amount of weight. I'm maintaining my pre-surgery weight but that isn't what I've done this for.
I guess I'm just going to have to start bumping up the exercise more and try to get in for another fill sooner if I can cause I'm totally fed up.
Sorry for those that might actually read this. Not exactly a nice and cheery "I'm Back!" I guess I needed to vent somehow and don't know where else to do it.
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  1. Sarah Says:

    Welcome back... and hang in there! It'll start again as soon as you get back to your sweet spot. Take care!

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