So yesterday would have been my two week post-opiversary. How's that for making up occasions and words! I'm feeling good. All of my incision are healed up nicely. Only thing is that the staples around one are reacting pretty ugly so its a good thing that they're coming out on tuesday. I've always had a sensitivity to metal for things like jewelry mostly to anything made with nickel.. even if it was nickel that has been plated but I didn't even think going into the surgery that the staples would be a problem. Oops! Guess I was wrong about that one. I think they will leave more of a scar than the actual incisions. I've been using tea tree oil on them religiously now to try and keep the infection of them down and will continue to do so once the staples are out to speed up the healing.
Food is.... back to normal. I am not feeling any less hungry than before surgery so this really sucks. I can eat rice and bread just fine unfortunately. I'm kind of worried that maybe I stretched out my pouch already??? It just seems like I eat and eat some more just like I used to without feeling any fuller. Is it possible that the food is just moving through my band that quickly since it isn't filled? I know that the dietitien told me I could expect to gain weight after surgery until I get my first fill which is a month away now. But really should I not feel any sort different fullness feeling at all? I did when I first started on mushies and solids but that didn't last long. I'm such a worry wart and I'm scared that I maybe have sabotaged myself already by unknowingly overeating and stretching my pouch. If anyone out there that might be reading this did you experience any/no difference once you'd healed but before your first fill? I guess I'm looking for some reassurance/guidance. Yes this is kind of normal or No you should really go see the Doc's.
Since it is two weeks out I thought I'd weigh in and measure up so here are the numbers:
197.5 pounds down 5.5 pounds from day of surgery
Bust 47 inches down 0.25 inch from day of surgery
Waist 45.5 inches up 1 inch from day of surgery (Yeah... Don't know what that's about?)
Hips 47 inches down 0.75 inch from day of surgery
I'm happy with these numbers and realize that they probably will stay around the same until I get a fill. I have however set myself a goal of 195 pounds to lose by my fill date. Since I've been told that I will probably gain I feel that losing 2.5 pounds in a month is pretty realistic. Maybe I'll even surprise myself and lose more! Wouldn't that be nice?
I'm back to work tomorrow and so happy to go. Never though I would say that. While I do love my job everyone likes time off... but I've been soooo bored. It will be a relief to be occupied and busy!
Lots of Love - Les
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  1. Sarah Says:

    don't worry about feeling hungry once I was on solids I was hungry all the time! hahaha once you get a few fills you will start to get the full effects of the band.

    and for gaining the inch around your waist don't worry about that. 2 weeks out you are still swollen from surgery and they give you a ton of saline which makes you hold on to water weight a lot. you will probably be swollen for at least another month or 2.

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