Through my first week back at work that is. It was a huge relief to have something to do and to see that my two weeks off hadn't left me too tired/weak to do my job.
Food wise right now... not the greatest. I'm making every effort on my part to eat healthy the only thing is that I've obviously healed well since I eat about the same as before surgery. I have noticed a slight decrease in portion size but nothing that I can really be excited about. I used to have some bad eating habits in that I rarely prepared healthy meals. When I would get home from work I would just pull whatever was quick and easy from the cupboard or freezer. And we all know that if everything you're eating is pre-packaged and prepared you are not eating properly. So I have been trying to make meals every night. That way I also have leftovers for lunch the next day and that will save me from other bad food choices. I used to buy lunch everyday! It was a rare occasion for me to brown bag it but I need to make a habit of this now. It will also help my bank account too! I have been uber tempted lately by all the easter candy in the stores that seems to be making its way to the common areas at work. I cannot resist cadbury mini-eggs to save my life! Those little milk chocolate eggs with the vanilla candy coating might as well be crack cocaine for me, I have no will power when it comes to them.
Unfortunately on the weight front I'm up a little bit. I'm putting this partially down to my period which is a total pain, literally. The last two months have been really rough for some reason. Cramps strong enough to make you bend over in agony while your working. Also I'm eating more. That nice little drop after surgery is probably due to my initial "restriction." I'm scheduled for my first fill on April 21 so I can't wait and I'm praying that I get restriction the first time around. I really would like to atleast maintain my weight or not go above the 203 I reached with the pre-op diet. I feel like if I went above that 203 I'd be failing somehow. I know the dieticien told me I'd most likely put on weight after sugery and before my fill but there's still this sense of "Come on! You have the band, so what if it isn't filled! You should still be losing weight." Wrong attitude I know, but it's how I'm feeling about it.
Lots of Love - Les

P.S. Thanks for the words of advice Sarah! It's good to know that I'm not the only one that was hungry once they were back on solids.
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  1. Angie Says:

    hey Les! Sorry I haven't commented back lately, I've been crazy busy with packing up my apartment and all that. You're doing great - my restriction has definitely all but left me now, which def sucks, but it'll come back. We didn't get this surgery cause we're good at dieting and always making the best choices - if we were we wouldn't have needed to get banded. Don't stress and take this time to experiment with what goes down ok, what hurts, etc.

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