I cheated :( Went to see a movie with my neighbour and couldn't resist the popcorn. I probably had about 2 cups, and he bought me ring pop's cause he's so sweet and thought that they were "lower calorie" and I felt guilty saying no... really I just have had enough of this 600 calorie crap. I'm tired, exhausted beyond belief.
I've only got 4 sleeps until I get banded! Still sure that I'm doing the right thing though.
I do believe that I will need a new name for my blog though. I could stick with Life of Leslee but I think I should mix it up. Some ideas I have are:
  • Lap-Band and Leslee or Leslee and Lap-Band
  • Now you see me, Now you don't
  • Losing Les or Les Losing (oh yeah... lots of people pronounce Leslee with more of a "z" sound, I use an "s" so it would be like less)
  • Living Light with Les or Les Living Light
And that's all I've got for now. For the few of you seem to be following me (Hi and thanks by the way!) What do you think, and might you have some suggestions. So I'm going to go an be lazy and watch some TV or something.
Lots of Love - Les
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  1. Angie Says:

    Leslee- you got banded today! Hooray, congrats!! I just read all your entries and am so excited to have found your blog - another Canadian girl, my age, banded just three days after me! Wicked!

    I'm sure you're feeling pretty crappy right now, and will for a bit but I have to tell you I'm on day 4 and feeling SO much better, so keep your head up and update us when you feel up to it! xoxox

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