Even though I got stuck pretty bad while eating tuna a little while ago and ended up PB'ing it for some reason I decided to try it again... Why do we torture our selves like this? I've been stuck for about an hour now and really just want it to come up so it's gone at least. I know that's the wrong mentality to have but in my mind if it's out it won't hurt anymore.
I booked my appointment to get my hair done for Saturday and I'm looking forward to doing some shopping that day as well. My parents are going to the lake and taking the dogs with them so I don't have to worry about the pup's being home alone all day, I can shop til I drop. 
On the shopping bit, I found myself going into work the other day and asking one of the girls "Where's a good place to buy clothes?" I haven't been able to shop at a non-plus size store in so long I don't even know what's out there anymore. There's a dress and a skirt I saw on the Ricki's website that I want to go try on and there was some stuff at the Gap but I popped in there quick the other day to buy a belt (size large thank you very much) and everything I liked they only had in a large and I'm positive that for actual clothes I'll still need an XL. I'm excited to shop! I used to pretend that I didn't like shopping mostly cause it involved me watching my friends try clothes on while I browsed the accessories and pretended to be interested in them cause nothing in the store would fit me.
Embarrasing Moment(s) For some reason at work on tuesday I decided to share that I had a "messed up" dream that made it kind of awkward to come into work. One look at me and everyone knew right away what I meant but didn't want to fully divulge was that I had a sex dream about super hot maintenance guy Todd who I have a crush on that rivals those of 7th graders. No sooner had I divulged this did he walk buy looking for me to my sheer horror. I see him at least a couple times a day and I can't even see him walk by without flushing to a shade of red that a tomato would envy. It doesn't help that now all the girls at work are bugging me about this incessantly. I suppose it could be worse though. L is trying to convince me to ask him out. I wish! I'm not ready for anything like that unless he were to initiate it. My currently developing self confidence and lack of ever having dated and me truly believing that he is way out of my league will stop me from ever doing this. Maybe one day my tune will change but for now I will have to admire from afar.

I trust that everyone is keeping as well as they possibly can considering tomorrow is only Thursday! But hold on the end is in sight.

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  1. Girl Bandit Says:

    Love a hot dream...how cute you are blushing...must have been hot!!! I love clothes shopping again and hope you have a gereat time....don't spend too much because then they will be too big soon

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