I don't know if anyone warned me that when I started to think about dating that it would be so confusing. I thought that people would just be honest and clear with each other what their intentions were and skip the bullshit but apparently not.
I had dished to the maintenance guy, gotten over my childish crush and all honesty wasn't even hurt by the fact that he didn't even really seem to want to be friends. Fast forward to September long weekend. While at the lake I don't get cell phone reception so driving back when I turn on my cell imagine my surprise to have received a text from him saturday afternoon asking what I was doing that night. First off I didn't know who the text was from cause even though he had given all us girls in the lab his number so we could text him and what not, I ignored it and when on as if I didn't have it. So once I figured out who it was said sorry I was out of town and left it at that.
Now that brings us to this weekend. A bunch of us were going out Friday night so instead of not including him out of spite like the last time cause we "weren't sure if there were going to be enough people for it to be considered a group" we invited him and at least gave him a chance to say no. Well he already had plans so did say no, but then asked me to a movie.
I love movies why the hell not go. Uhmmm I kind of assumed that a few people were going to be there given the previous statements made. Not so much, just the two of us. He paid (good start) but that's as far as it went. He didn't make any moves and that's totally fine I guess I just don't understand what his deal is.
I've been sitting at 168-170 pounds for a few weeks now. I keep forgetting to make a fill appt and I really need one! I was going to take a bootcamp at work but it filled up before I got to register. Totally sucks but I'm going to try and find something else to get me active. Although I can't afford anything right now.
Money's tight. I literally have $40 in my account and $1 available credit on my visa right now. Get paid this friday thank god but it's pretty much all accounted for. I went crazy buying clothes and wasn't being very responsible and now it's catching up to me.
So this payday time to get back to my cash budget, weekly allowances and such. Especially with Christmas quickly approaching, yikes! Gonna need some extra cash soon to pay my deductable to get my roof/ceiling fixed. Oh man I hate being a grown up! :(
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