Well not really a valid excuse for being a bad blogger (not posting) but I had a wicked cold last week... yes I do realize that this week is almost over.
Things are going really well food wise. My portion sizes I would guess are anywhere from 2/3 to half of what they were pre-banding which is no doubt an improvement.
Work has been really good too, I've had the chance to learn some new applications whereby were using a type of bacteria that we've altered to make a specific protein for us. We can then purify this protein and eventually will use it in a study where we will feed it to rats and measure changes in stuff like total body fat a blood pressure.
Easter is well on its way so I thought I'd give a try at making Paska for the first time. Usually my Babcia (grandma, we're Polish) would make it but it is too much for her now. In case you don't know what Paska is it's a bread traditionally served at easter. It's kind of a sweet bread that has more eggs than a standard yeast bread, it also has raisins and is infused with Saffron. I love Saffron! Everything about that spice is heavenly to me, its scent, colour, taste, everything! A co-worker of mine is from Iran and when she last went to visit brought back a huge bag of Saffron for me ridiculously cheap. If I'm ever kind of feeling a little low I just open up that bag and smell and I'm instantly transported to another world. Anyways, this Paska is rising, again and I hope that I'll be finished baking it by midnight. Totally one of those times where I should've read the entire recipe before starting then I would've noticed the nearly 6 hours of rising time and 16 cups of flour!
I hope that you all have a wonderful Easter and are able to spend time with your loved ones. I know that I'm looking forward to a four day weekend and some possible trips to the dog parks and greenhouse!
Lots of Love - Les